26 April - 9 May 2021


How do I access the festival?

The festival is accessible via a number of platforms. Most events take place on Zoom, using either the webinar or meetings function. These will also be live-streamed to YouTube. A range of events and extras will also appear on our Instagram and TikTok. Only sessions taking place on Zoom require booking, and you can do this via Eventbrite. Please consult the programme for further information.

Please note that Zoom sessions will be recorded and will be available from Sunday 9th May until the end of September 2021 via our YouTube Channel.

Are the events live?

While a few events are pre-recorded, the majority of events will be live.

What accessibility features are available?

All events, bar those taking place via Instagram Live, will be closed captioned. A transcription service will also be available on Zoom Webinar sessions.

I’m having technical issues, who do I contact?

Please contact Digital Advisor, Joanna Nissel on joanna@stayathomelitfest.co.uk.

I’m not sure I got my joining instructions. Where are they?

Once you’ve booked your ticket on eventbrite, you will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure you’ve looked at the “Additional Information” section, as this contains a link to a document containing all of the joining instructions.

What are the festival themes?

We've identified a number of key threads to support inclusion and have woven these into our programme. Look out for the following themes: Creativity Stories, Defying the Single Narrative, Sounding Your Voice, Trailblazing Voices, Stories for a Changing World, and Writing and Wellbeing.

How do I make a donation?

To make a donation, please go to the general booking page on eventbrite and purchase a donation ticket. We recommend £8 per head. We will also notify you when festival recordings are available.