26 April - 9 May 2021

Accessing the Festival


The majority of festival events take place on Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meetings, while also live-streamed on YouTube Live. We welcome you to participate on the platform of your choice, but please be aware that the festival is only interactive on Zoom, which is accessible via online booking through Eventbrite. Smaller events with limited numbers, such as workshops, will be held via Zoom Meetings and will not be live-streamed.

While most events use the standard Zoom settings, a selection will take place on Zoom Webinar, which does not enable audiences to appear via camera or audio, but does allow interaction via a chat box and a text-based Q&A facility. All events using the Webinar feature will be denoted on the festival programme.

If you are an author involved in the festival and need zoom guidance, please get in touch with Joanna Nissel at joanna@stayathomelitfest.co.uk

All events will be subtitled.

Other events in the programme will take place across the following platforms:

Instagram Live: A small selection of events as well as a daily meditation workshop with Kathryn Koromilas.

You can access this platform from the ‘Stories’ bar at the top of the Instagram app. You will not need to appear on camera but can send comments, questions, and reactions. Live sessions will not be subtitled but sessions uploaded to IGTV after the festival will have closed captions.

Instagram Reels & TikTok: Each day of the festival we will feature a one-minute writing exercise on Instagram and TikTok.
Captioning or alternative text will be provided in the description. *Please note the TikTok link will not work if you do not

Soundcloud: Author readings and excerpts from the main events.

You can access a small selection of author readings before the main festival via our Soundcloud account. After the festival, a selection of excerpts from the main events will be shared here.


All festival events will be booked via Eventbrite. You can find the link for each event on the programme. If Eventbrite is inaccessible for you, most of the events will also be streamed live on YouTube. Access our YouTube Live account here.

Missed an event?

Recordings of the Zoom events will be available to stream from Sunday 9th May until the end of September 2021 on our YouTube Channel.