26 April - 9 May 2021


Welcome to the Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival, a digital event that brings together writers and readers to celebrate their love of books, without judgement or criticism. Now in its second year, the festival hosts workshops, panels, readings and talks while welcoming professionals and novices alike. Best of all: The Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival is offered free of charge!

The festival began as a single tweet by CJ Cooke, an award-winning author and senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow. A few short weeks later the festival launched, bringing together 220 authors and industry professionals with support from lead partner, Paper Nations. With 145 events held over two weeks, Stay-at-Home! debuted as one of the largest literary festivals in the United Kingdom.

A celebration of reading and writing, the Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival aims to combat loneliness by championing community and connection amid social distancing.

For the 2021 Stay-at-Home! Festival, we are drawing upon the wisdom found in The Danger of a Single Story, Chimamanda Adichie's treatise about the unintended consequences of unquestioned narratives. This year's festival will include a more diverse roster of writers and industry professionals, offering unique perspectives from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. We aim to make sure that all festival-goers feel welcome, regardless of their writing experience or reading preference. Our hope is that the festival continues to build community while being accessible to all.


The festival is a charitable endeavor, designed from its inception as a nonprofit organization. We wish to thank our festival partners, as well as the University of Glasgow's Knowledge Exchange Fund, whose support facilitates CJ Cooke's research into ways to improve the diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility of live literature events, and allows Stay-at-Home! to offer a more accessible experience. The festival is entirely free; however, we do welcome donations from those who are able to give.

Bridging the Digital Divide

The Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival is founded upon accessibility and inclusion, regardless of the participant's personal circumstances. We are partnering with multiple libraries and various community spaces, where the festival will be broadcast publicly and without charge. If you are interested in holding an event, please feel free to get in touch! We are offering resource packets to help you create your own corner festival.

Event Themes

We've identified a number of key threads to support inclusion and have woven these into our programme. Look out for the following themes: Creativity Stories, Defying the Single Narrative, Sounding Your Voice, Trailblazing Voices, Stories for a Changing World, and Writing and Wellbeing.